Our Mission


       Hawaii Default Solutions is a dynamic, all inclusive REO management and disposition servicing solution. We are REO experts with the local knowledge, experience and credentials to manage, market, and sell your REO assets in Hawaii County. What we bring to the table is different from other REO disposition services in that we manage every step of the REO process from A to Z with a dedicated focus on making our client’s job easier. We accomplish this by visiting the property in the earliest stages of foreclosure, by preserving and maintaining the property, and accurately valuing the asset from the onset. We ensure that your assets are impeccably maintained through bi-weekly inspections. We provide cash for keys services and negotiations with former owners or tenants in order to efficiently move the REO process ahead. We take pride in our loyal and local contractors and our in-house REO servicing team who can complete initial services in a timely and cost effective manner. We are dedicated to transparency, accountability, timeliness, and the stabilization of our local neighborhoods.

  • Transparency - in our commitment to every step of the REO process.
  • Accountability - so that we may bridge lasting and meaningful working relationships with our clients.
  • Timeliness - so that we may expedite the REO process in the most cost efficient manner.
  • Stabilization - our commitment to bring education, affordable homeownership, and qualified Buyers to our local neighborhoods.

Managed by an experienced Hawaii Real Estate Broker of 35 years, we have the tools and financial strength to maintain, market, and sell your REO assets. Hawaii Default Solutions will tailor our process to meet your individual needs and requirements every step of the way.


Hawaii Default Solutions, LLC.

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